Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mr. Fix-It

I have been computer-less for days leaving me with only my phone and Kindle HD for communication.  Luckily I have a buddy who can fix anything I can break. 

To give you a mental picture- this man and his wife are connoisseurs of what most of us think of as the ‘gothic’ lifestyle. They are brilliantly adorned with any number of tattoos and piercings and leather and .. well you get the idea. I took my youngest child to visit them solely because they have such interesting pets including a cat which has no fur which she just *had* to see. She considers their house to be Halloween every day. (The Adams family would say that some of it’s ‘a little much’- I have more than once found a dead rat defrosting on the counter for the snake’s dinner.) Despite the, let’s say ‘somber’ décor, this couple is ridiculously happy and loving toward one another. I have begun to think that there is some sort of inverse home décor karma. I know a lot of people who have cheerfully appointed homes who seethe continuously with a quiet bitter rage toward their spouses but hanging out with these people is like being in a rom-com directed by Tim Burton. 

Well, what I do is I tell him that I am making something yummy for dinner (today’s was fajitas and carrot cake with homemade cream cheese frosting- frosting so sweet and creamy that it’s as if an angle swooped down from heaven and took a dump in your mouth). After I have plied him thoroughly with beer and vittles I will proffer my non-working item and beg for help. When offered said item, he will ask for whatever tool he needs (screwdriver, pliers, duct tape, nun chucks, bent paperclip) and precede to MacGyver my item back into a working piece of electronics/repair my car/secure my escape from incensed drug lords and I am back in business!

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