Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Just Jogging Along and All of the Sudden....

I needed an accountability check. You know, where you commit to someone and they commit to you? I made the horrible mistake of agreeing to a 5k in just two short, short months. Tonight I decided I’d better prepare by getting outside and actually moving. I walked up the big hill behind our house and I was feeling really good about myself and decided to break into a jog. After about twenty paces I realized I was headed straight for a couple who were enjoying an intimate moment in the field. And one of them seemed to be dressed as a honey bee. All bright yellow and black stripes…. I literally just stopped, turned around and walked away. I couldn’t even bring myself to pick up the pace because my head was screaming “WHAT. THE. #@$!” I mean seriously. That is sick. I have probably been scarred for life by furries. 

Then I came home to see this comment from my baby sister- and liked by my cousin:

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