Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Things that have happened this week:

Rachel (somewhat to the tune of Row, Row, Row Your Boat): Grill the cat, Grill the cat, Grill the cat, Grill the cat, Grill the cat,
Shocked Winco cashier: I haven’t heard *that one* before…
Me: Honey, by ‘grill’ do you mean interrogate or bbq?
Rachel (laughingly): uh-huh!

Rachel: Mom, when you were my age, did Grandma read your text messages, too?
Me: We didn’t have text messages..
Rachel: What about when you were a teenager?
Me: Our phones didn’t do that..
Rachel: Oh.. did they only play games?


Some people don’t *get* Facebook. Today my ex let me know that he declined my Facebook invitation to play Candy Crush Saga- and in great detail as to why. As if I had thoughtfully put the request out there. 

$#!* just got real.

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